Anime Characters Are Cats

Found this on Quora newsletter I keep forgetting to unsubscribing to (which in this case I think it's a good thing). I present you the link of the day: The goal

The Uniqlo Baseline

Uniqlo really hits the sweet spot of comfort, durability, looks and price point (the last part might be debatable but assuming you're comparing the price point with the other three factor,

I Wonder What He'll Say

My father passed away years ago. He had his chance to spent some time with my son but he passed away when my daughters are still several months old. There are incidents that

Where Confidence Comes From

This is one of those realization that i wish my children will learn sooner than latter: confidence. The way I see it now, confidence comes from realization of: 1. What people are expecting

Some Thoughts on AI

The recent AI wave feels like June 2007 when Steve Jobs unveils iPhone all over again; Smart phone (in this case: AI) has been around for quite some time but the release of