Peak Design Bags

Peak Design Bags

More than five years after getting my first Peak Design bags, I ended up with five more Peak Design bags 😅 If I'm about to explain why I'm on this situation, I think it was combination of these:

  • The realistic one: finally can afford it. Peak Design's price point is quite something after all.
  • Looking for bags that look good and well designed.
  • Looking for bags that capable of carrying camera gears and tech gear safely.
  • Looking for bags that has customizable and durable divider mechanism.
  • Looking for bags that are durable

On top of it, apparently their lifetime guarantee is up to its promise (so far). So pricey as it might but durable, utilitarian, well-design, look good, and live up to its promise they seem.

The following are list of Peak Design bags that I owned, and how I use it.

Everyday Sling 10 Liter v1

Capable of carrying 13 - 14" laptop (kinda too tight for 14" tho), full frame mirrorless camera, and multiple lens. If you fly a drone, you can fit in Mavic pro and its controller inside of it.

Everyday Sling 10 Liter v1
Everyday Sling 10 Liter v1

Perfect for: day trip. Imagine: you're in a week long trip in a Japan. You keep your luggage in the hotel; this is the bag that you are carrying when you are exploring the city. Or, you are in your own city and need to carry bunch of tech stuffs.

Everyday Backpack 30 Liter v1

Why getting this one? Because I need (or so I thought) backpack size of bag with customizable separated compartment. I guess once you tasted the versatility of flexfold divider and how it keeps your camera gear safe, you'll want it on your other bags.

Perfect for: stuff you want to carry to the airplane cabin. Imagine: You are in a trip to Japan. You want to carry your essential stuff and your camera gear with you safely (without being squished by your other stuff) into the airplane cabin.

Fun fact: I was in inter continental flight couple of times and I saw multiple person in the same flight using this same Peak Design Everyday Backpack 😅

Packable Tote

I think it is a good idea to have extra carrying bag around instead of continuously paying for those paper tote bag.

Everyday Sling 3 Liter v2

I think I came into realization that carrying 10 liter size of bag strapped in my back is kinda too big for daily usage? 🤔 It does not look sleek especially in certain occasion where I want to look lightweight. Think of family event where you want to carry smaller bag because it is kinda odd to have 10 liter size of bag strapped in your back. The smaller size also makes it more natural to use it in side carry scenario.

Everyday Sling 10 Liter v2

This one is the recent one and I honestly didn't plan to get it. I actually sent my Everyday Sling 10 Liter v1 (that i have been used for years) for repair because some parts of it are broken. Somehow they offer me to replace it for free (I only need to pay IDR 100k for some admin stuff + shipping cost). I off course accept the offer.


I think I'm pretty hooked with Peak Design experience even five bags later, there is still one Peak Design bag that's on my wishlist: Everyday Tote in Bone Color. I mean, look at this beauty:

Bone Color looks neat

The only problem is that for whatever reason, the local distributor doesn't bring the product in to the country 🤦‍♂️ Thus it is either jastip or get one while i'm outside of the country.



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