Pricey Camera Bag

Pricey Camera Bag
Photo by Skye Studios / Unsplash

I used to think that (well made) camera bag is annoyingly pricey. It costs around USD 100 - 500, depending on the size of the bag. That being said, there's one angle that sorta changed my perspective around its price point. The bag's might cost around 100 - 500 but it has to carry and protect:

  • USD 700 - 2500 camera body
  • USD 300 - 5000 (maybe more) lenses
  • USD 75 - 500 tripod

On top of that, if you are carrying the laptop with you: another USD 700 - 2000 machine. And so much more.

Suddenly the bag's price point begins to make sense. You don't want lousy bag to carry your precious photography gear and laptop; You want a bag with nice cushion, sturdy build, and if possible water/weather resistant material. All of them adds up to the bag's price point.

Come to think about it again, i think it's a fair methodology to assess whether a price of something is justified or not:

What is this thing responsible of? What is the value that is being carried or affected by this thing?


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