Smartphone Selfie Stick

Smartphone Selfie Stick
Mashup selfie stick

I was looking for well-made smartphone selfie stick for some hands-free reels / story video creation but couldn't find one. All I can found were either cheap selfie stick with poor build quality accompanied by unnecessary bluetooth remote, or overkill slash overpriced selfie stick made for content creation.

Fortunately I realized that I can re-purpose my Insta360's invisible selfie stick for this purpose; All I need is getting myself some missing part.


Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick

This selfie stick is bundled with Insta360 ONE X2 camera that i purchased. It is a very well made selfie stick that can be extended into 1,1 meter-ish long.

Joby Grip Tight Mount XL

Joby Grip Tight Mount XL

I got this years ago when I used to make a vlog. I think I purchased this back then as a unit of Gorilla Pod tho. However the part can be disassambled into separate parts (the phone mount, and the gorilla pod arm). In this case the mount is what I need.

Insta360 All Purpose Tripod

This is Insta360 accessories that helps your invisible stick to stand on its own. The idea is to put this below the invisible stick, then you can put the selfie stick in the "stand" mode and you can do your stuff, hands-free.

Joby Ballhead 1k

Considering that I want flexibility between doing portrait and landscape mode, I need a solution for switching the mounted phone's orientation. This ballhead looks to be in appropriate spot. It is small and light but have sturdy well built feeling.

The sum of it all

Here's how it looks like when all of these are being used together. Here's how it looks like on landscape orientation:

Here's how it handles portrait orientation:

It also can be extended, and sometimes you don't even need the lengthy part:

Not the most cost saving solution, but it is pretty neat in my book. My wife also like how solid it feels.



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