Snap That Photos

Snap That Photos
Photo by pixel parker / Unsplash

Some people said that you shouldn't spend too much time taking photos when you are on vacation.

"Enjoy the moment"

"Put your handphone on your pocket and be present"

That'd be great advice if you have a great memory and you still can vividly remember thing after more than three years. We're now at 2023 and I'm struggling to remember what happened around 2019, or even around 2016.

The way i see it: Buy smartphone with the best camera and the biggest storage that your budget can afford. If you still have a budget, go get mirrorless camera with some prime lens. Smartphone camera is generally ok but for portrait, prime lens are still other worldly. You like moving around and doing water sport? Go buy action cam. Still have some leftover budget? Buy that 360 camera.

By the way, apparently this isn't obvious for some people: if your spouse is taking care of your children, your spouse need to have smartphone with the best camera that you can afford. Your children's photographs will be there.

Record as much as you can. Snap as much as you can. The food, the place, the vibe, and the most important thing: the people you love and yourself. You'll look different years from now. You won't believe how different you look a decade from now. Think about this: look for the photos of you 5 and 10 years ago. You'll hardly believe your eyes.

Therefore, do your future self a favor and take pictures of your life. Sync the photos to the cloud services so that if you change your smartphone, it'll always be there. If possible, and I really recommend this, print the photo you love. Pick one that you like from this day/week/month, then print it. Regularly print your photos.

Your future self will love it.



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