Some Thoughts on Watches

Some Thoughts on Watches
Photo by Rodrigo Bressane / Unsplash

Since my last post on timepiece, i've been sorta into horology content 😂. I enjoy my adventure looking for skeleton watch with leather strap that comes in price that I think I can afford (around $500 top) but I think good skeleton watch simply is not available in that price range 😂

While I'm at it, there are some thought based on my observation and experience so far:

The sensation

I remember getting this from one of Nico Leonard videos where he's being interviewed but I couldn't find those video now. Can't remember the exact wording but it goes around:

Watch is all about what it tells you other than telling time itself

I think the sensation of watch is pretty close to the sensation of wearing jewelry. It just feels nice to have something nice attached to your body. On top of that, this special item is actually gives functional value which is telling time. Plus, it makes you look good and signals your socio-economic standing to certain crowd. Exprensive watch kinda gives "I made it" vibe somehow.

Price ranges

Timepieces price range, based on my observation so far:

  • $100 - $200: Either functional, or fashion watch
  • $500-ish: Good watch for good value is available on this range
  • $1,000 - $5,000: Gateway drug for premium watches
  • Beyond $10,000: Premium watches. Some of them turns into investment instrument

Good skeleton watch

Good skeleton is pricey. Anything that is below $1,000 either looks

  • to shallow or,
  • doesn't look solid
  • the complication doesn't look nice

Thoughts on some watches

  • The steel-material CasioOak looks nice
  • Audemars Piguet's sketelon watches looks really nice. The movement looks really solid. No wonder its price is nuts
  • Hamilton and Longines have solid characters. Nice looking shapes and visuals.
  • Rolex looks boring but its price seem to be very solid and sounds like a nice floating investment
  • Richard Mille watches look too much. I guess it's just not into the design
  • Nice automatic watches that I like and I can find in $500 - $1,000 price range: mostly from Tissot and Seiko.
  • Orient Bambino looks classic.
  • Fossil watches are everywhere and they look nice on ad. However looking it closer, something feels rough.


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