The Curse of Fame To General Public

The Curse of Fame To General Public
Photo by Alicia Steels / Unsplash

When I was younger, I thought being famous to general public was cool. I still remember having my early 20s in 2010 - 2020 era and seeing fame being more accessible through social media: seleb blog, selebtweet, IG models, YouTube personality, you name it. For quite some time, I'm amazed by it. I sorta craved it. I even attempted to reach for it, which luckily I ended. I still remember the awe of seeing locally famous people being reached out, being sent stuff, and even being endorsed by brands. What a life, I thought.

Fast forward now, I have a different view. Fame to the general public, especially one that is reached by exposing your daily life to public, is a curse. The constant need to top whatever you've done. The never ending criticism. The craziness of netizen. The constant chase of clout. Having yourself out there looks like turning yourself into moving target that is available for everyone to shoot. I don't think it is worth the price.

Looking back, I often think at what point did my view change on this? There are two stepping stones:

First, financial stability. I think I craved for fame because I think it seems like cool way to get money, ergo financial stability. However once I'm stable enough financially through job and secondly i feel enough, content, and sufficient with what I have, it lead me to: why would i ever wanted that in the first place? What I've got now is more than enough.

This lead me to my current take on fame:

  • Fame to the masses and general public seems to have more drawback than the benefit. The psychological impact is just nah.
  • However, being well known by specific community because you're good at something, is good.

My wish for my children: Enjoy some hobby and be really good at something. Expose what you're good at, and share your hobby but keep yourself private life private. Use pseudoyms (what i exactly do here). Do not expose the "you" side, expose your craftmanship side. Your privacy is your privilege and your freedom. Don't sell it for cheap.



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