Different Kind of Problems

Team with members that have relatively beginner to standard skill & experience has this problem: either fail to deliver result, or fail to recognize problem early on so it takes more time for

Vague To No Definition

One of the realization that I made during adulthood is to realize that achievement is such an abstract concept. For quite some time, i guess until my early 20, I thought life is

The Realm Of Possibility

I somewhat realize that I start to take action on something when I think it is possible to do it. When I think something isn't possible, the idea simply stays on

In Silence

My father was not a perfect role model. He made mistakes (severe mistakes!) in life but there was two particular things that he did: * He very rarely got angry nor emotional. * He never

The Curse of Fame To General Public

When I was younger, I thought being famous to general public was cool. I still remember having my early 20s in 2010 - 2020 era and seeing fame being more accessible through social