The Price of Everything

The Price of Everything
Photo by iam_os / Unsplash

This is the lesson that I learned and I truly hope my children will understand:

  1. There's a price tag for everything.
  2. Here's the important part: the price tag isn't always monetary.

The monetary based price tag is clear and sorta easy to understand. That house? Certain amount of 💸💸💸. That car? Certain amount of 💸💸💸. That recently released device? Certain amount of 💸💸💸.

The tricky part are "things" which its price tag isn't monetary.

  1. That promotion at the office? The price is you have to perform at the highest level consistently, consistently delivering result, and communicating your impact clearly.
  2. Those A grade? Continuous effort on learning and acing those test
  3. Those relationship? Mutual respect, loyalty, occasional surprise, willingness to comforting your partner, etc.

Therefore, a skill that needs to be shaped:

  1. Figure out what you want, what you really really want
  2. Figure out what is the cost to get it. Is it monetary? Is it effort based? Is it something that you need to consistently do over period of time?
  3. Make the effort; Pay the price.


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