Smarter Than You

In work environment, you gotta be reliable and smart. The thing is, there is always someone who is smarter than you. In fact, there's a chance that you'll have

In Silence

My father was not a perfect role model. He made mistakes (severe mistakes!) in life but there was two particular things that he did: * He very rarely got angry nor emotional. * He never

Some Thoughts on Watches

Since my last post on timepiece, i've been sorta into horology content 😂. I enjoy my adventure looking for skeleton watch with leather strap that comes in price that I think I

The Curse of Fame To General Public

When I was younger, I thought being famous to general public was cool. I still remember having my early 20s in 2010 - 2020 era and seeing fame being more accessible through social

Supply & Demand

To my children: It is very important to understand the principle of supply & demand. Pricing, one of the vaguest thing about life that you'll encounter in life, is highly affected